Trichologists Wowed by CRL

On June 17th Banbury Postiche and Racoon hosted an inspiring and eye-opening event to showcase the CNC non-surgical hair replacement system to Trichologists and experienced stylists at the Banbury Postiche Hair Loss Clinic in Oxfordshire.

Led by members of the CRL team, who flew in from Italy, guests were shown a fast-tracked version of the 39-step process which creates a personalized solution to hairloss clients’ hair and scalp concerns.

The system works by creating a prosthetic scalp which is implanted with real human hairs by hand. To ensure the results are seamless and natural looking, the hair colour, density, texture and curl are matched to the client’s own hair before being blended and styled by a hairdresser.

The delegates were astonished by the finished results and excited to discover that as well as being able to continue with an active lifestyle – including swimming – while wearing the system, they can also continue with treatment for pattern hair-loss while wearing the system.

Delegate and hair loss specialist Emily Banham of Profiles Salon in Reddich added:

“I was so excited to see a practical solution that can give people back their hair and literally change people’s lives.


“It’s so liberating that you don’t have to shave any hair before application and that the membrane is breathable and anti-f.


“The results were even more natural than I had anticipated and I was really impressed that you don’t have to shave any hair before application.


“I truly believe that this is an effective and affordable way for people to regain a healthy head of hair without resorting to a costly transplant.”