The Treatment

The Consultation Process Assessment

Your personal consultant will first examine your scalp and assess your follicle health, PH and sebum levels using Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories’ unique, patented Tricotest®. This will provide a detailed map of problem areas. A senior dermatologist will then assess your future outlook, taking into account diet and lifestyle, hereditary conditions and medical history including burns, trauma and chemotherapy. Based on the assessment your personal consultant will explain, in detail, what to expect, options, treatment costs and timelines.

Phase 01

Scalp mapping

Computer mapping of the scalp and alopecic area.

Phase 02

Cast production

Cast created using specialist computer imaging, cloning the contours of the skull and scalp.

Phase 03

Cloning and pantone matching

Clone membrane created by robotic technology, replicating exact shape, lines and pantones of client’s scalp.

Phase 04

Hair selection and matching

Meticulous selection of high-grade human hair to replicate colour and texture.

Phase 05


Hairs implanted individually into membrane, mirroring original direction of growth.

Phase 06

Non-surgical grafting

The membrane is non-surgically grafted onto the scalp before professionals complete a final styling.

Phase 07

CNC® System fully integrated

Hair can now be exposed to all activities including swimming and high impact sports.

The system is worn continually for 4 weeks, when a simple 1-hour appointment is required to remove it, sonically clean it using the very latest technology, then reapply, ready to wear for the next 4 weeks.

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