Moisturising Dandruff Line

The CRLAB Moisturising ANTIDANDRUFF PROTOCOL fights persistent dry dandruff, helping those with irritations, scalp tenderness, redness, itch, etc. Due to the great soothing properties of these products, the essential oils of this Trichological Protocol have the capacity to stop dehydration (enhancing the scalp moisturising) and have a soothing and rejuvenating effect.

The alpha-hydroxy-acids have a deep regenerating effect due to strong “keratinolytic” activity Hydrolysed collagen restores the scalp connective layer and provides moisturising action. Dandruff recurrence is avoided, by using antibacterial agents that fight Malassezia Furfur proliferation, the main contributing factor of dandruff formation.

Rhododendron plant stem cells: this provides regenerating capability.

We select for this line the Diamond Gemstone: it purifies the scalp due to its exfoliating properties.

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