Sebum Regulating Maintenance Kit

Sebum Regulating Maintenance Kit


Cleanses the scalp of excess sebum and regulates its secretion.

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Content: shampoo, pre-shampoo, lotion

Please apply products twice a week as described below:

Start with PRE SHAMPOO – apply directly on a dry skin and gently massage to spread evenly. Leave for 15 minutes.

Then damp your hair (do not rinse PRE SHAMPOO) and wash it using Yellow Shampoo.

The last phase: apply the Sebum Regulating Lotion in the same way you applied previous vials- spreading it on the scalp, trying not to put it on hair.

Sensations after applying will be similar to those described earlier. Redness alternating sensation of cold and warmth are normal, you do not need to worry about them.

MILD SHAMPOO – use in the meantime when you are not using the Green Line.


Each of these products (pre-shampoo, shampoo, vials) is for scalp application only. Applying them on whole hair will not improve or speed up effects. Please, use only as recommended.


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